Why Vabble Is the Future of Movie Streaming

Vabble and the Production Firms

Strong and powerful production firms currently dominate the SVOD industries. The presence of these strong firms makes it more difficult for younger firms with strong potential to rise above the competition. Vabble places these smaller firms on equal footing with corporate film production companies. This company bridges this discrepancy by creating an independent space between ticket sales and the royalties these companies receive from popular SVODs.

This article provides you a brief introduction to Vabble. We will show you the use of blockchain technology as the primary currency within the website. In the end, this streaming service looks to provide a platform where new filmmakers and companies can grow. We will also show you the new relationship that the audience and production companies can establish when using Vabble.

Vabble The Interactive Streaming Platform
VAB Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens
Vabble provides these assurances by issuing rewards to the users’ monthly subscriptions. Vabble pays the publishers for the content that the users watched on their platform. Users can also vote on the movies and documentaries they like. In a sense, these votes serve as an investment on the user’s part for a profit increase for these companies.
Users can also use these tokens to buy tickets for video AMAs with their favorite actors and actresses. Publishers can offer non-fungible tokens to sell exclusive access to their services. Unlike other coins, these tokens are non-transferrable to other tokens. Users can use these NFTs to make in-app purchases, virtual art and images, and other forms of digital assets.

Vabble Monetization
The user will pay a monthly subscription to enjoy these Vabble services. This subscription already includes unlimited and unrestricted access to Vabble’s diverse database. The publisher receives the payment from the user through VAB, the official currency in Vabble. This technique prevents any middleman from cutting down the revenue that the publisher could receive.
The user can receive a rebate of up to 40% VAB throughout the subscription. The user’s wallet slowly decreases by 25% percent until they run out of tokens in the wallet. After which, the user will need to pay for the subscription again to enjoy the services.

Throughout the process, the publisher receives the money directly from the user. On the other hand, the user already serves as an investor for their favorite publishing companies. The user also receives different rewards through VAB that they can use for voting or to avail exclusive privileges from their favorite filmmakers.

The Vabble Platform

Vabble expects to release its beta version of the application in the third quarter of 2021. This beta version will allow you to experience all its promised features before others. Analysts expect Vabble’s presence to shake even the rising superpowers in the SVOD industry. The interactive platform provides all the necessary information to help you find the movies you want to watch.

The team also values freedom of speech over everything else. Thus, Vabble rarely censors the kind of movies that you can watch, absent any political or governmental laws. This feature also allows you to view exclusive content that you might not see in other popular streaming services.

Vabble will also release the VAB token to serve as the primary currency when using their streaming services. As stated before, you can use this coin to vote for the movies you would want to watch on the platform. You can also use this coin to avail yourself of different purchases from your favorite publishers.

You will also receive VAB as a reward when using the website throughout your subscription. Vabble also rewards you through the referral program for every user you will bring to the website.
Unlike other SVOD, Vabble introduces a co-watching experience with their service. This feature allows you to watch a movie with other people in a private lobby that serves as your private cinema. This private cinema also features integrated takeaway provides. This feature even allows you to order your favorite food to heighten your viewing experience.

Vabble is achieving something that other streaming devices thought was impossible. Vabble offers numerous innovative features that can potentially make other powerful SVOD applications obsolete. You can avail of their features through their beta version in the third quarter of 2021.