Dan Jarvis hints at quitting if Labour abandons support for Trident

Mr Corbyn rejected claims that his defence team was dominated by southerners, after Mr Jones warned voters in the North would be “dismayed” by the Labour leader’s reshuffle. With new shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry – rather than the pro-Trident Maria Eagle – due to co-chair the review with Mr Livingstone, it is widely expected to endorse Mr Corbyn’s opposition to the £25 billion programme for four new submarines.

“That was evidently done before any notice of resignation was sent to the Labour leader”. Ms Stevens takes a post in Labour’s justice team. “If someone can demonstrate to me that it is essential for our defence to spend £41 billion on four submarines, I can be persuaded”, he said. A jubilant “they are listening sisters” piece.

“I’ve now got more staff in place to be able to help that liaison process. I know it is hard and is like a house of cards, but if it were me I’d have managed it”. Mr Corbyn is also said to be considering issuing an email to Labour members – many of whom are believed to oppose Trident after joining since the general election – to canvass opinion.

“And because of this they could potentially turn a blind eye to some bad misogyny in some of the causes they support”, she said.

However, full of energy for his new job, he said: “I’m very excited”.

As one of the few MPs in the shadow cabinet elected in the 1997 Tony Blair landslide election, Mr Hamilton said it was good to see Labour searching for who was best fitted to a role, as he has also most recently served on the International Development Committee.

In an interview with The Guardian, Mr Jarvis echoed the concerns of many Labour moderates.

Discontent among Corbyn allies in the Shadow Cabinet first emerged today when Jon Trickett, shadow communities secretary and a close ally of Corbyn, waded into the debate to accuse the BBC of deliberately deciding to announce news of Doughty’s resignation just moments before PMQs.

Critics hit out at the reasons given for sacking or demoting shadow ministers in the reshuffle. Corbyn’s shadow cabinet shuffle… “One is how you carve up national expenditure to reflect the needs of regions and guarantee it to them… and then you move on to the question of local levels of taxation”.

The Labour leader explained the length of time it took to complete the reshuffle on the fact he was listening to what MPs and advisers had to say.

“[Shadow chancellor] John McDonnell said, I hope you are going to do this because we are counting on you”. A spokesman for Benn said: “Hilary was not asked to, and has not changed his position on, Trident [during and since the reshuffle]”. “Jeremy is therefore sensible to pick some people who worked for me and did very well”.

“It’s an issue of such strategic importance with the public that it would be catastrophic for us to go into an election with that as our policy”.