Clinton aims to drive wedge on guns between Obama, Sanders

In an interview with Vox, Broaddrick confirmed that she sent the tweet and explained that she chose to make the allegation again because of Hillary’s high visibility in the run-up to the election.

“We expected Trump’s first campaign spot to strongly appeal to Republican Trump supporters, with little impact – or, in fact, negative impact – on Democratic or independent voters”, Howard said.

To date, the Clinton’s have not directly responded to Trump’s remarks.

Already the strategy is setting off jitters in both parties, with Republicans anxious about it backfiring and Democrats anxious it won’t.

And Sanders Communications Director Michael Briggs said Clinton’s team has gotten “nervous and nasty”.

Even as Clinton discussed typical hot-button issues such as the economy, terrorism and gun control, she made sure to linger on voters’ more intimate concerns, such as battling Alzheimer’s and helping children with autism, asking members of the crowd to raise their hand if they knew someone affected by either condition.

Hillary Clinton typically wears the victim’s cape when discussion of her husband’s Other Women returns to the public’s consciousness. Reporter: In South Carolina Donald Trump touts the latest poll that has him on top. Trump tweeted on January 2.

Clinton aims to drive wedge on guns between Obama, Sanders

Hillary Clinton just may be feeling the Bern – gaining on her, that is. “I am not running against Bill Clinton, though I gather he’s been in Iowa recently”. “

She was giving us an opportunity to talk with her”, he said.

The Clintons didn’t need to deal with this issue in 2008, when Democratic opponent Barack Obama never dredged up the couple’s marriage. Sanders to join President Obama and Hillary in being willing to take this issue on.” Sanders aides said there was “zero daylight” between Obama and Sanders and have argued that he was re-evaluating his position on the gun manufacturer liability law he voted for in 2005.

“Think about it: one of these Republicans could actually be president”, a narrator says.

Among them was his support for an amendment in 1993 that would have allowed a background check to automatically go through if it was not completed within one business day, a rule that was later modified to three days. “I would love, love, love to run against Donald Trump”. “But at this point, you really have to look at electability and Hillary really impressed me”.

“It would be a dream come true for me as well”, Sanders said (via the Washington Post).

The mounting political attacks on Bill Clinton are not coming just from the right anymore.

The reasons for keeping quiet on the Clinton marriage are many: It’s old news.

Hillary Clinton understands that lesson now.

This is about as dirty as dirty politics get, but it’s also not unexpected-this is Trump we’re talking about. While Bernie has not come out and said he got that vote wrong, he has indicated a strong willingness to reconsider.

Trump struck up a relationship with his second wife, Marla Maples, at the church where he married Ivana Trump.