BitYard: 2021’s Asia-based Futures Exchange Goliath

At the start of 2021, BitYard has grown to be one of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. They may sound like a forex broker because of their name, but their focus is actually on cryptocurrency exchange, and they’re among the best at it. While their clients are mostly from East Asia, the countries’ booming economies resulted in the volume of trades in their platform rising rapidly.

Since starting in 2018, they expanded their operations with independent teams operating in Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan. After multiple investments from big institutions and individual crypto-investors, their platform now supports exchanges between more than 300 pairs of crypto coins in a secure and stable environment.

BitYard may be relatively new compared to other players in its league, but the advantages it offers to its customers are great. Probably the best reason why most people trade in their platform is their very low fees, with their rates being less than half the industry’s average. Their security is also an improvement on the industry’s standard with verifications for each login using two-factor authentication and cold wallets to ensure the security of the users’ money. BitYard is also among the few exchanges that accept fiat currencies, with them transacting with CNY specifically.

BitYard exchange review

They also do not charge extra for each transaction that you make using their platforms with their rule of not taking deposit fees. And with that range of alt-coins that you can trade-in through BitYard, the possibilities of earning money through them is not only very profitable but endless as well.

BitYard’s platform is among the best there is. Their system is capable of processing over 1.6 million orders each second. This means that there is little to no delays when transacting through this platform, something that has always been a highly sought after feature for trading platforms in this industry.

When you decide to trade on BitYard, the first thing you have to do is register. Their registration process is not time intensive. All you need to give is an active email and password. After that, a few pop-ups will appear and guide you through their system, and you’re good to go. This is standard in the industry, and it is what you want to see when trading. This ensures that you are trading in a safe environment while staying anonymous and unburdened by hassles that other platforms may put you through.

The cryptocurrency industry is currently developing in a way that leads to the demise of exchanges that cannot keep up with the times. The past years have seen the demise of long-running exchanges that couldn’t meet the industry standards in terms of security and sustainability of gains. This has paved the way for newer and more technologically advanced platforms to take their place, and now, BitYard, sits at the center of it all.

Joining BitYard now can be among the best decisions you will make in your entire life. This may mean the difference between whether or not you reach the financial security you dream of. Think hard about it. Opportunities do not return after you ignore them.

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